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Mark likes playing with wood and metal.  
He and some friends got into trouble in a bar a long time ago skillfully bouncing quarters into a glass.  
The next day he made a “flipper” for the quarter, attached it to a piece of wood and 
Ooh, La, La problem solved. 
He noticed Corn Hole becoming a popular game, however not so fun outside in the cold and rain and wondered if The Q Flip could be designed as an alternative. Like anything else it has had some changes from the original design and has evolved into the current version.
The game can be played using the same scoring method as Cornhole or other rules the contestants agree on. 
The game is challenging as it requires skills and a certain touch to pull the flipper back the right amount and angle so the quarter will go in the hole.
We are located in North Carolina and all of our products are made in the United States.
In a land far away
in another time in life